Meet Kama And His Son Kama 2, The Surfing Pigs Of Hawaii

By John Virata

When the ancient Polynesians set sail on their voyaging canoes hundreds of years ago, they brought several provisions with them to ensure they would survive wherever they landed, which happened to be what are now the Hawaiian Islands. Pigs were included in those provisions, and those formerly domesticated pigs have since run wild on many of the islands in the Hawaiian chain.

One local man raised and recently taught several descendants of the original pigs how to surf. That’s right, Kai Holt of Hawaii Kai raised a wild pig named Kama and taught him how to surf. And when Kama, who has his own Instagram page @kamathesurfingpig, got too large for a surfboard, Holt built him a canoe.

Hey erybody! Check Kama at da Sam pops achoy contest last weekend. We posed to be batman and robin in the tandem costume division! Haha;) this was a wave after loosing our masks on a bomb set. Haha;) thanks Brian and the Moku surf crew for making it happen. Much love! Thanks @hicsurf for the coolest surf shorts ever! Much love Brada Mitch and crew! K les go! Eat surf! Sleep surf! Bleep bleep bleep bleep surf! Eat it up! Til me belly full! And I sheet surf! Peed surf! Heed surf! Mountain! And I weed surf! She surf! Me surf! To Together! We we we surf! She crave! Me lovin! Got me hooked! And I need surf! Life is a b beach! And we! Sandy b b beach surf! Free surf! Free surf! She she and me me surf! We we surf! Everybody! Surf! Ev Everybody! Surf! Haha;) Downward dawg! On da board! Da board is my sword! Wave hawg! On da board! Kama train! All aboard! Whoop whoop! Cummin through! Yeah! You know how we do! In a sea of love! We swimmin in a pool! Infinity pool! In a sea of dreams! Real it seems! We are dreams! Have a dream! I have a dream! Dream a dream! Be a dream! In your eyes! I see a dream! And To me! She a dream! And to her! Me a dream! And together! We a dream! Haha;) On da beach in Hawaii! We stretch on da beach in Hawaii! Yogi! Yogini! On da beach in Hawaii! We Tadasana! On da beach in Hawaii! Yeah we Shavasana! On da beach in Hawaii! Happy baby! Happy baby! Happy baby! Happy baby! Sunrise salute! On da beach in Hawaii! Yeah! Happy baby! Happy baby! Happy baby! Happy baby! Sunrise salute! On da beach in Hawaii! Haha;) oink oink???????? @chu @braiden808 @bombereyewear @hidentitysurf @gr3en4life @hicsurf @kentajes @dvsshoes @alohasub aloha????????

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“Kama’s surfing career lasted about one year until he became too big, so we built him a canoe to canoe surf on,” Holt told With Kama out of the lineup, Holt and his son Braiden, taught Kama’s son, Kama 2 how to hang hooves.

“Kama 2 first started surfing at about two months old,” Holt said. “His first surf spot was Seconds! It’s a secret spot on the south east side of Oahu,” Holt said. “He’s surfed baby Haleiwa, baby Queens, baby Makapu’u, Sandy Beach, Makaha, Treks, Coronets and a bunch of secret spots.” ​

The Holt family are obvious animal lovers, telling that they have goats, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, cats, dogs and Jackson chameleons on their farm. But they hold special the pigs that they keep, especially Kama and Kama 2.  

“Kama and Kama 2 are both very loving cuddlers that love belly rubs and hugs,” Holt said. “And they like to sleep with me!”

While dogs have been surfing for decades, Kama and his son Kama 2 are likely the first father-son pig duo to ever ride a surfboard.

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