Radio Host Johnjay Van Es Finds Homes For 500 Dogs

By John Virata

Syndicated radio host Johnjay Van Es is a dog lover. And so is his family. Van Es, host of the KISS FM show “Johnjay and Rich Morning Show,” is such a dog lover that he has opened up his home to rescue and stray dogs and uses his fame to help these animals find their forever homes.

“Rescuing dogs is something my wife and I have done pretty much our whole marriage,” Van Es told

Van Es launched his own dog rescue foundation in 2015, and #LOVEPUP has been going strong ever since, helping to find homes for more than 500 dogs who have come through the Van Es household.

And it started with a single abandoned dog he found, posting a photo of the dog to his Instagram account, hoping the dog would find a home.

“So the next morning I went on the air to share that I had found a home for the dog, and the next thing you know I had all these people reaching out to me saying, ‘I found this stray dog,’ or ‘I’m moving and can’t take my dog,’ before you know it, I had all of these dogs,” he told “I would post pictures of them up on my Instagram and I would find homes for them right away. It just started evolving from that. It was never a burden. It was always fun and passionate and organic and real.”

Van Es’ dog rescue foundation has been very successful being run solely by him and his family but he is hoping one day to have it be self-sustaining, though he has received support from celebrities such as Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez and Zedd.

“I have all these people that want to volunteer but I don’t have the money to fund anything yet,” he says. “It would be great to get to the point where, I’d like to have a building and have a staff. I’d like to have a ‘no kill’ policy. I want to save as many dogs as I can. I would like there to be a #LovePup chapter in every city. I just need the proper funding. I think it can happen!”

In the meantime, #LOVEPUP continues to hum along, finding help and hopes for dogs.

“We’ll take any dog,” Van Es said. “Every dog deserves to find love.”

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