German Tourist Stays Three Months In The Philippines To Adopt Stray Puppy

By John Virata

When Emmy Karnot went to the Philippines, she expected to see the beauty of the country and dive its warm waters. The last thing on her mind was adopting a street dog and bringing her home to Germany, but that is exactly what she did, according to Philippine lifestyle blog When In Manila.

Karnot was introduced to Buddy by a police officer on Boracay island. She went to speak to the police to get permission to hold a bonfire on the beach for her birthday when the officer introduced her to the six-week-old puppy, according to the Daily Mail.

Buddy had been born underneath the car, the officer told Karnot. After she finished playing with the pup, the officer scooped him up and gave Buddy to Karnot as a “birthday present.”

And that is when the duo became inseparable. Karnot’s initial stay of six weeks in the Philippines turned into three months as she waited for travel papers for Buddy.

“I love my Aspin ‘Buddy’ so much that I stayed for him a few months longer in the Philippines to bring him home with me to Germany,” Karnot wrote at the time on the Love Aspin & Puspin Facebook page. “I adopted him with 6 weeks in Boracay. It was so complicated and expensive to get all the papers he needed for Germany – sometimes I was so close to giving up but… I couldn’t leave him behind me – I love this little guy so much.”

Now Buddy has traded the beaches of Boracay for the fields and snow of Germany, and got a new mom in the process!

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