Virata Website Migrations

Here is a list of the current active and inactive websites that I have contributed content to or transitioned content to new CMS systems. I maintain my own WordPress site at, which has select articles that I have written in the past.

This website was previously called, It ran on a .aspx platform from 2007 until 2013 when it was transferred to GTXcel’s RIVISTA platform. I oversaw the transfer of all editorial content, (images, text and video assets) to RIVISTA and along the way, optimized headlines and subheads for better search functionality and edited and resized images. Since the transition and headline massaging, the site’s most popular assets, the care sheets, are consistently at the top of of Google search. and

I served as the editor of concurrent with the websites. All the data on was moved to, which used the WordPress platform. I oversaw this migration as well. has since been shut down by the owner,

I oversaw the migration of content from this website to WordPress. I also wrote news stories as well and uploaded and web-optimized the print magazine’s content to the site.

I oversee the blog posts on this site. The site is brand new and I work on it on a volunteer basis.

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